Saturday, 17 August 2013

First Aid & CPR

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Hehe, I got a book from it and am currently reading it. I have to take a test after it too. Hopefully I'll be able to get a certificate! You know, it looks very good on a resume too! :)

Definitely a recommended experience! 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Animethon 20

Hello everyone~ right now it's fairly sunny but some wind is blowing (brr, I'm so cold!! Getting sick in summer :/ )! Anyway, these past few days have been busy! On Thursday, I volunteered for Animethon20. Animethon officially started on Friday, August 9, 2013 but I was volunteered for the set up, which was on Wednesday and Thursday. We did some hardcore labour!! Me and other people had to lift a lot of boxes for the vendors' hall (where people set up booths and sell items)! We had to move a lot of boxes filled with manga books, DVD, etc... they were also really heavy! But through teamwork we did it! Yay! ^^ Anyway, the owner of the store appreciated what we did and decided to give us a discount during the Animethon event. (However I didn't buy anything in vendors' hall.. I'll get there later). On Thursday lots of things were set up and we were ready to rock and roll by Friday! I only got 3 hours of sleep!

Friday, August 9, 2013 (totally forgot to bring my iPod for taking pictures.. my loss)
Woke up at around 3am and started preparing for the event by 4am. Showering, putting on makeup, wearing my costumes, and making breakfast! I had no help from anyone and my family was all sleeping so I had to make sure I didn't wake them up. Then after having noodles and putting away the dishes I quickly helped clean up the house a bit and I was off! I took the bus to Animethon (departed at 6:05am) and arrived at Grant MacEwan at 6:40am. I was waiting for my friends since we promised to meet up at a certain place but unfortunately they were late by like half an hour so I started volunteering for merchandise (where we sell Animethon T-shirts, bags, water bottles, and more for the public) at 7:15am. It was quite fun promoting! I got to talk to lots of people and many people bought the items!! ^^ Unfortunately, at 10am someone else had come to substitute me so I went over to help out at the Registrations' area and I became a cashier! To be honest, I loved being a cashier! It's really fun to handle money and give the customers who had waited a really long line a happy smile and greeting! :) ^^ I also learned a lot through this! I love tasks where I'm under pressure too... haha.. Anyway, I worked until around 12:15pm and me and friends went to Timmy's for lunch! Yum~ Then... more work! Well, we went to Vendors' Hall to help out and since we were volunteers, we got early access to the hall while a super long lineup started growing! I felt bad for the people lining up. :( Me and friends missed a couple of events we had originally planned to go... for example: Japanese 101 (where we get to learn Japanese for beginners), Speed Dating (meeting new friends) and more. Oh well. The items at Vendors' Hall was not bad... unfortunately I grew extremely tired at around 3-4pm and took the bus to go home. Boy, when I got home I just fell on my bed and started sleeping!

Saturday, August 10, 2013 -Animethon Day 2
I woke later than usual! I woke at around 8am and was worried! So I quickly got my cosplay costume on (a nurse) and got ready! (Didn't get to eat breakfast!)

I departed my house via the bus at 8:50am and got to MacEwan at around 9:30am. I quickly got started as a cashier and it was super fun! I also got the chance to meet a super special person which is Stephanie of All About Ami! :D She looks even prettier and nicer in person!!  :) Her baby is also super cute and her husband was nice too! :) She is an amazing crocheter and blogs mainly about crochet and also about her life too. ^^ Anyway, I finished my shift at like 12:30pm and me and a friend who worked together headed to washroom and started taking pics! Muah! X

Camera shy friend!! 

Another camera-shy friend!!

We met up with 2 other friends and followed our plan to go to the Cosplay contest and there was a bunch of people waiting already to get best view of the show!
Here are a few pictures of the lineup (apparently we were also not allowed to take pictures there.. but I didn't know until afterwards. Oh well.):

As you can see, the line stretches to the end of the bridge and you have to do a U-turn too!! Anyway, we got fairly decent seats.. up front on the chairs instead of bleachers but we were at the side.. so it wasn't exactly the best view. I got a few pics of the Cosplay contest. There were 66 contestants!
I hope you can tell which position we were sitting at in the place.. not a very good position.. and since I was using an iPod, it was not very good quality under the dark and with the shining lights... :( 
I started taking pictures of the projector since my iPod's camera can take better pictures of it.

Here is a girl (looks about 4-5 years old) and she cosplayed as Sailor Moon. Super cute! :) Her Mom also came out too.

Here is a short scene from Spirited Away- the ending scene when Chihiro leaves the magical land to return to her family.

More contestants. I don't know many of the animes since I never watched much.. ;A; :(I will watch more animes over the summer!!! :D

Here were some breakdancers :)

I'm leaving the gym after the cosplay contest that took around 2 hours!! So here is the picture of the gym- It's larger than this.. the bleachers extend out to the far left and far right! 
After the cosplay contest we got a group photo! :) 

Afterwards, we went to find our other friend and we headed to HR (Animethon Volunteers' Head Quarters) to see how many hours we have worked. (We need to work 10 hours to be reimbursed for the whole $35 pre-registration).. Apparently I worked for 9.1677777.. hours!!! LOL.... needed like an extra 15 minutes haha... my other friend needed 45 more minutes and 2 other friends finished their 10 hours already. So we decided to head to the Vendors' Hall before going out for late lunch. Here are two pictures of Vendors' Hall. It is held in a parking lot. There's quite a lot of people! Here, you can buy manga, anime, clothing, cosplay costumes, stuffed animals, etc..!! A lot of stuff! :)

2 friends went to Denny's for lunch and me and another friend plus her cousin headed for Mikado- a Japanese restaurant. We got to eat a NarutoRamen Special !! :D

We saw this Narutoramen Special in the Animethon booklet (hehe, I spotted it!! :P) & here it is! :D  
Yum, yum, yum!! Eat up ! :) We all finished within 10 minutes.. haha.. maybe we got hungry while waiting in line too.. a lot of people! As you can see, the waiting line in Mikado grew longer after we finished eating.. look behind us at our group photo (hungry and not very pleased customers awaiting to be served...).

Anyway, after eating I signed in and the person was super nice to me- she gave me a fairly easy job which was to simply clean up the Animethon Volunteers Standby Room! :) ^^ Then I earned my reimbursement and got food money! We later headed for Artists' Alley- where the items being sold are mainly made by the sellers themselves. I bought a whole lot of items.. 
Here are two posters from the anime FREE! :) Super cute boys!! 

Pokemon poster and a "Attack on Titans (SNK)" poster!!

Forgot the anime of this small poster.. but they look cute so I bought it :P
Keychains and buttons from Naruto, Hetalia and forgot...

What do I mean by "forgot"? I mean my friend told me the anime but I forgot the name. Haha. I never watched much anime. Only watched Naruto, Pokemon, Avatar, Inuyasha, some Skip-Beat, Spirited Away, and that was about it... I read a whole ton of manga though.. I will watch more anime!! 

Now.. unfortunately.. I lost 4 small posters... sad.. TT^TT oh well. That is a lesson to me to be more careful and maybe stop being such a shopping addict! (I found out earlier this morning) :(

After shopping around in Artists' Alley for around 1 hour, we headed for Kanon Wakeshima's concert at 7:30pm. It was quite awesome. I love her voice and she looks nice too. It lasted until almost 9pm and the next concert was Capella's but unfortunately I had to bus home and didn't get to see the concert (though my friends did). 

The last day for Animethon20 is today and it ends in like 1 hour and a half. I actually will miss this fun event! I will totally go next year if I don't have plans for summer! Going to miss it! By the way, why am I here blogging instead of going to Animethon? Sorry. I have to study for my diploma which is on Tuesday :( Have a great day fellas and thanks for reading!X :)